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2019 Waseda BBC Blockchain Research Institute

In December 2018, the Waseda Institute for Global Science and Integration and Japan’s leading blockchain community, the Blockchain Business Community, announced the establishment of the “Waseda BBC Blockchain Research Institute” in 2019, and hired Dimension CEO Suji Yan, and legal counsel Katt Gu as Lecturer, conducting courses.

On May 11, 2019, “Blockchain Research Education Lecture, Elementary Course Lecture 2” was held in Ginza, Tokyo. Katt Gu conducted a course teaching at Waseda university about “the concept of blockchain ”and popularized the basic knowledge and mechanism of blockchain.

Katt Gu speech

The main purpose of the course is to popularize new technologies that have attracted attention in recent years, so that participants, including students, can understand the cutting-edge technologies in the blockchain industry, and have a general understanding of the basic knowledge to application business.

meeting venue

Katt Gu and John Wu, ARPA Technical Leader

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