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NEWS | Sujitech, LLC Joins ECMA International

At the 118th ECMA General Assembly held in December, Sujitech, Alibaba, Huawei, Dell, Sony, and MetaMask as new ECMA members. Later, they will participate in the work of TC39, participate in the formulation of language standards, and promote the development of JavaScript.

Sujitech, LLC is an equity company of Dimension. After Sujitech becomes a new member of ECMA, it will work with Chinese companies such as Alibaba, Huawei, 360 to communicate the voice of Chinese developers to the world and become a high-quality communication bridge.

What is ECMA?

ECMA International is an information and telecommunications standards organization with an international membership system that has made a significant contribution to global standardization in the information technology and telecommunications fields. Forty years after its establishment, Ecma has established many information and telecommunications technology standards. This includes the standard for JavaScript, the most important programming language in web development: ECMA Script. Also, hundreds of standards such as C #, Dart, and CD-ROM were developed by Ecma. About two-thirds of the Ecma standard is simultaneously approved by ISO as an ISO standard. Its members are Google, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Apple, etc.

What is TC39? Who is included?

TC39 refers to Technical Committee No. 39 and is part of the ECMA.

What is the main work of TC39?

Develop ECMA Script standard, the process of standard generation, and implement。

What is the standard process?

Consists of five steps:

Any discussions, ideas, changes, or features that have not yet been added to the proposal are at this stage. Only TC39 members can submit.

(1) Produce a formal proposal.

(2) Discover potential problems, such as the relationship with other characteristics, and realize difficult problems.

(3) The proposal includes detailed API descriptions,usage examples, and related semantics and algorithms.

(1) Provide an initial draft specification that does not differ much from the features included in the final standard. After the draft, only incremental changes were accepted in principle.

(2) Start experiments on how to implement it. The implementation forms include polyfill, implementation engines (providing local support for draft implementation), or compilation and conversion (such as babel)

(1) Candidate phase, get concrete implementation and user feedback. After that, it will only be modified if major issues arise during implementation and use.

(2) The specification document must be complete, and the reviewer and the editor of the ECMA Script must sign the specification.

(3) It should be implemented in at least one browser and provide polyfill or babel plugins.

(1) It is ready, and this feature will appear in the next version of the ECMA Script specification.

(2) Need to pass two independent implementations and pass acceptance tests to obtain important practical experience in the use process.

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