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DWeb Camp 2019

On July 20, 2019, Dimension CTO Yisi Liu was invited to speak at DWeb Camp 2019.

About DWeb Camp

DWeb Camp is located on a farm above the Pacific Ocean. In an elegant and beautiful environment, I hope to gather more people for deeper communication.

DWeb Camp is a diverse place where more people can freely exchange technology, laws, markets, agreements, ideas, etc, allowing people to build deep connections.

DWeb Camp has established a good relationship with the builders of Web 3.0, and at the same time has established interaction and close contact with the global high-quality technology community. DWeb also calls on more communities to participate together. It’s a community-built event, just come and tell us: “What can you share?”

For those who want to create a more open, private, secure, and fun Web, DWeb Camp is a permanently open decentralized network.

DWeb Camp Origins

In 1994, Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web, which became the core of the development of the information age. Today it has become the world’s most powerful knowledge, communication and business medium, but that does not mean that Tim Berners-Lee is happy with all the consequences.

“It controls what people see, creates mechanisms for how people interact, It’s been great, but spying, blocking sites, repurposing people’s content, taking you to the wrong websites – that completely undermines the spirit of helping people create.”

Therefore, in June 2016, Tim Berners-Lee and other top computer scientists gathered at the first Decentralized Web Summit in San Francisco, including Brewster Kahle, the head of the non-profit organization Internet Archive. which posed a new challenge to early Internet developers:

let’s use decentralized technologies to ‘Lock the Web Open’

The purpose of the 2016 gathering is to call on everyone to build a better network

DWeb’s achievements were shown at the 2018 Decentralized Web Summit – Global Visions/Working Code conference. With so much prototyping and application built on decentralized protocols, it’s time to collaborate, communicate and interact with the communities that need these tools most.

DWeb Camp 2019

DWeb Camp 2019 was held on July 18-21, 2019 in Pescadaro, California. The conference was sponsored by Interner Archive, Ford Foundation and Prorocal Labs. Web 3, Ethereum Foundation, Blockstack, Orchid and other well-known institutions participated Among them, we spent four days together on a beautiful Internet imagination journey.

DWeb Camp 2019 attracted top Internet developers from all over the world to participate in this gathering. The World Wide Web founder Tim Berners Lee, IPFS founder Juan Benet, Cosmos engineer Han Schoenburg, Gun founder Mark Nadal, etc. were all present.

Yisi Liu live lecture video


Topic of speech

Distributed Identity Privacy

Speech content

Yisi Liu introduces current privacy issues and then analyzes why privacy is so important to us and why privacy is violated. He gave examples of data leaks on Facebook, Equifax, and WeChat. Here we can see that our data has been collected and abused by various platforms, and our privacy has been violated and abused without our knowledge. We are being monitored anytime, anywhere.

Yisi Liu also analyzed the current solutions for data breaches, including password management tools and OpenID. But these solutions have not completely solved the hidden dangers of data leakage.

Given the current situation, Yisi Liu proposed a idea, which differs from the existing schemes, namely distributed identity privacy. Yisi Liu explained that distributed identity privacy is that digital identities are created by users themselves, can be authenticated by a third party, and have enough credit to prove identity reliability. Users can freely choose to share different information on different platforms, and have ownership and use rights of data.

By separating user accounts from passwords, users can use the same password to participate in all services or products that support password pairs. A new social network was formed.

Because each identity is stored in the distributed ledger, every new identity authentication is publicly updated in the distributed ledger. Therefore, Yisi Liu believes that the credit of this scheme comes from the foundation of the distributed ledger itself, and is a kind of mathematical-based credit.

Finally, Yisi Liu introduced the company’s product—— Maskbook, which is a browser encryption plug-in designed based on distributed identity privacy.

Each user generates or reuses a unified identity (secp256k1 password pair) and connects it to their Facebook account. This allows users to encrypt content they post, and even Facebook developers cannot view the content.

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