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6th Asia Pacific Regional Forum Biennial Conference: Unified Asia

From February 27th to March 1st, 2019, “6th Asia Pacific Regional Forum Biennial Conference: Unified Asia” will be held in Tokyo, Japan. Enlighten Law Group consultant, Dimension legal consultant Katt Gu will attend the meeting by the International Bar Association (IBA) was invited,and will discuss and share with the guests on the theme of “Cryptocurrency at the crossroads”.

The conference will focus on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. With the emergence of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, super interconnection, and the Internet of Things, traditional business models will undergo major changes. Will the emergence of cryptocurrencies impact these? At the same time, the emergence of cryptocurrencies has also triggered a series of legal issues. The conference will discuss in-depth discussions on cross-jurisdictional transactions, tax issues, and the controversy of the first issuance of virtual currencies. This time, Katt Gu attended the meeting as a consultant to Taiwan’s Enlighten Law Group and will gather with major law firms around the world to discuss it together.

Katt Gu is a master of environmental science, doctor of law, and Ph.D. candidate in informatics at UIUC in the United States. Her thesis includes blockchain/cryptocurrency legislation and entrepreneurship law. She started to enter the blockchain industry in 2016, and currently serves as an advisor to the Asia-Pacific Blockchain Development Association and a specially-appointed researcher at the Waseda University Blockchain Research Institute. She is mainly responsible for providing recommendations on cryptocurrency legislation for governments / various countries.

The International Bar Association (IBA), founded in 1947, is the world’s largest international law bar association and law society organization. Its members include more than 40,000 lawyers on all continents and 200 bar associations and law societies. The IBA has a great influence on the development of international law reform and the future shape of the legal industry worldwide.

Enlighten Law Group is a new-generation law firm in Taiwan. The goal is to bring a new look to Taiwan’s legal services. It looks forward to providing high-quality services in a new form, especially the emerging and cross-disciplinary legal integration, such as financial technology and Criminal science.

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