Make Privacy Protected Again

Maskbook Taipei Meetup

On July 5, 2019, the “Make Privacy Protected Again” theme offline conference hosted by Dimension and co-organized by Grenade Lab, Cypherpunks Taiwan, and Orange Book was held as scheduled on the 2nd floor of Tianlong Books, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City. Dimension CEO Suji Yan, CTO Yisi Liu, and PM Neruthes bring you wonderful sharing.

On the day of the event, everyone came to the scene early to discuss the theme of the meeting and their interesting ideas. We prepared delicious pizza and drinks for the guests present, and hope that everyone can have a relaxing and enjoyable evening.

The following is the sharing session of the event.


Guest: CEO Suji Yan

Topic: The future of encryption: data-new forms of labor

**Suji Yan pointed out that with the development of the times, the relationship between users and platforms is not equal. The platform uses its advantages to obtain user data and information to generate secondary benefits. In some aspects, users may also be subject to privacy violations. In the attempt, the method used was backward, ideal, and unrealistic. There was no perfect solution that fit the current era.

Suji Yan believes that encryption is not to change the rights of centralized Internet giants but to protect users’ labor, assets, and rights. Other decentralized social platforms want to create a new platform from the outside to replace Facebook and build a new ecosystem. Maskbook chooses to build on Facebook so that it can not only compete with Facebook but also force Facebook to reform and achieve data. A revolution in privacy.

In the end, Suji Yan believes that more and more people will realize the value of data, and in the future, encryption will become a basic and rights tool that everyone can have.


Guest: CTO Yisi Liu

Topic: Distributed Identity Privacy

Yisi Liu believes that data privacy is important and insecure. At present, our data is being collected and abused by various platforms. Equifax and WeChat data breaches all point to one thing: our privacy is being violated! After analyzing the existing solution problems, Yisi Liu proposed a new solution, namely, the privacy protection solution on social networks-Maskbook. Use a distributed identity to protect users’ privacy. The specific performance is three points:


Guest: PM Neruthes

Topic: Product origin and introduction of Maskbook

****Maskbook mainly uses asymmetric encryption to protect users’ posts on Facebook. When you encrypt with a private key, unless the other party has your public key, you cannot see the information you posted, including Facebook ( (Only a bunch of garbled characters can be seen in Facebook’s database). In simple terms, data is your money, Facebook is the bank, and Maskbook is your safekeeping. You put your money in the safe and then hand the safe to the bank for safekeeping. In this way, the bank cannot use your money at will without your consent.

The last part is the interactive part of the event. The Maskbook team-taught guests on the spot to use Maskbook, and published encrypted information on Facebook through Maskbook, taking everyone into the magical world of encryption.

If you also want to use Maskbook, be curious about the world of encryption. Please click: read the original text to find out!

The above is the whole process of this event, but those who are not present don’t have to worry, just scan the QR code below to enter the Telegram group to interact with us!

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