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Solid Beijing's first closed-door conference successfully held

On July 20, 2019, Sponsored by the Solid Chinese community and co-sponsored by Dimension, Thoughtworks, Authing and Pocoweb, the first Solid Events closed-door conference in Beijing was successfully held.

Solid Events is an offline event for users of the Solid community and has so far held nearly 20 events around the world. This is the first time Solid Events has come to Beijing for an offline closed-door exchange.

The conference invited a large number of guests, including Bear Festival, Suji Yan, founder of, Xie Yang, founder of Authing, and Sun Liwen, founder of Pocoweb.

This conference discusses topics such as privacy/data/security, such as: “How to make more ordinary people use SoLiD” “What are the feasible business models or stories in the direction of privacy/security/personal data” “How blockchain practitioners view SoLiD” and other topics.

This conference was well received by the guests, and they can collide with the sparks of thinking and see different opinions in the intense discussion.

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