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Support Gitcoin Grants through Maskbook!

In early 2020, Maskbook launched a special feature called “Red Packet”, which allowed users to claim and distribute cryptocurrencies on Twitter. This is the first time you can send decentralized cryptocurrencies on centralized social media platforms.

Now we are proud to announce that Maskbook and Gitcoin have worked together to develop a new plugin within Maskbook. Now you can fund Gitcoin Grants directly on Twitter.

The Gitcoin Grants Round 6 will start soon on June 15th, and Maskbook will fully support this Grant.

What Maskbook wants to do is to make people aware of the value of Gitcoin Grants. Also, we want to build a bridge connecting Web2.0 and Web3.0 and incentivize more people to join the blockchain community.

With Maskbook, it has never been easier for creators of Gitcoin Grants to share links on Twitter. In addition, Maskbook users would be able to identify the Grants immediately and fund the Grants directly on Twitter. You can also retweet and let more people know about this grant.

- How to use the Gitcoin Plugin on Maskbook?

First, you need to install Maskbook. Click here to download:

🌟 For Creators of Gitcoin Grants

After setting up, the creators can copy the link of Gitcoin Grants to Twitter compose window and then tweet as usual.

🌟 For Maskbook users

Since you already installed Maskbook, you will see a rendered Gitcoin Plugin window. Click “Fund This Grant “ and you can donate crypto directly to this grant.

- A Brief Recap on Gitcoin Grants

Gitcoin Grants is an experiment where people can fund their open source projects for public benefit with QF (Quadratic Funding) matching contributions from Gitcoin’s QF Fund sponsored by donors in the Ethereum ecosystem. As an example, a project that receives 50 individual 1 DAI donations will receive a significantly higher amount in grant funding from the matching pool than another project that receives a single 100 DAI donation.

Gitcoin, with the support of the Ethereum Foundation and other matching partners — to run at least quarterly rounds in 2020, with a planned 4 QF rounds.

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