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The Power of Disruptive Change-Revealing------Radical Market

The world is hovering at a crossroads, and society and the economy are experiencing unprecedented challenges: the growing wealth class gap, stagnant economic development, and the turbulent world politics. The Internet’s 996 and the Sino-US trade war have more or less reflected the root causes of the above contradictions. Derived from rigorous social sciences, RxChange, an active alternative, came into being. It embraces the market, technology, community, and diversity. RxChange hopes to unite people from all walks of life to imagine, design and build better solutions.

RxChange originated from the idea of a Radical market book. The radical market is the Economist’s recommended book of 2018, and the author Glen is a prodigy. Glen is the founder of RxChange. RxChange was inspired by Adam Smith, the father of economics, who began to change the nature of things in his own time.

l Radical Market you did n’t understand

The “Harberger Tax” and “Second Voting” are heard by everyone, but its concept is not clearly explained in the existing Chinese media reports, or only part of the concept is explained.

RxChange invited Jennifer, the CEO of Rxchange from the United States, V Richard, who knows economics and game theory, and Suji, the CEO of Andromeda Technology. Kojima, the CEO of Andromeda Technology, exchanged discussions with everyone at the scene and look forward to your participation!

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